Last week, we asked you to share your love stories with us. We wanted to share one with you.

It started here at Hauser’s. Amy was the owner’s daughter. Brad was the new manager. They were co-workers and friends for seven years before Brad asked Amy on a date. Now they have two children and run Hauser’s Jewelers together! We sat down and chatted with co-owner Amy about her love story over tea and espresso.


How did things start? 

You never know what direction life will take you. Sometimes, you have to travel certain paths before you come together. That’s how Brad and I felt. We had our paths, and when the time was right, we clicked and never looked back…I just knew it. I just knew I was going to marry him.

Something had to align, and when it did… We started dating in February of 2005, and were married in November of 2005. Our son was born in 2007. It was like “ding! ding! ding!” Life just clicked, and things started happening. When you find the person that fits you, life soars.


So you met through Hauser’s? 



And was it love at first sight? 

No, it was fun – I mean I thought he was cute. He was always clever and smart. I did give him a test. I’m an artist, and he is not. I always thought I wouldn’t date anybody who was not an artist, I didn’t think they would “get it”. I didn’t want to have to explain things to them. I gave him an assignment of a list of independent films to see – this was before we were dating. Some of the movies he had already seen, and one of them he explained to me!


Which one was it? 

Fight club! He totally got it, and I thought “fine, I’ll give you that”. He is super smart, really well read. We talk about the world.


Ideas, you’re talking about ideas! 

Ideas! Everything is ideas! I thought, “wait a minute, maybe they don’t have to be an artist…” It’s good to be different, you help each other, you allow each other to be yourselves. He lets me be the best me that I can be, and hopefully, I can do that for him. He’s always encouraging me. It just clicked, and we never looked back.

We already knew each other by the time we started dating. My dad was funny, he said: “Oh great, someone’s going to have to quit”…


…If you break up

Yep. But I said, “no, no”. I just knew I was going to marry him. I just knew it. After that, I thought “this is what it is, I get it!”. You’ve got to go through the bad ones before you get to the good ones.