Thinking Outside of the Store

Recently we dined with friends at David Everett’s annual farm-to-table dinner in Colonial Williamsburg.  Having not experienced a dinner like this before, made it unpredictable and fun.  Everything was delicious, wine flowed, family-style plates were passed and passed, weather cooperated and all was topped off with a sky full ofattachment-3 stars and a full moon.  One might wonder why a successful restaurateur/chef with a repertoire of seven restaurants  would host such a dinner.  The extra staff and work involved to serve nearly 300 people outdoors  must be quite a project.   The answer might  be relevancy, inventiveness, creativity and the ability to catch his audience by surprise.  We are an easily distractible bunch and are pulled in many directions as the same time.

As a creative person and business owner,   not only do I want to surprise and delight my customers, but show them there’s beauty in the experience of giving and receiving jewelry; never mind the thrill of wearing something gorgeous!  Of course, our jewelry has always met strict quality standards, but it’s not just about the sparkle.  It’s about the life connected to it and story it will tell to the next generation.  This Fall we have spent much time outside the store gathering inspiration by some of the creative people in our community.  Stay tuned.  We can’t wait to surprise you!