Inspiration is our Fifth Season

The holidays are over.  All the clang and clatter is quieted by winter’s nap.  Snow is in the forecast.  It’s cold out and winter has everything in a standstill, but I love this time of year.

At our store, it’s a time of study and analysis as well as inventory, inventory, inventory, a rite of passage in the retail world as you move from one year to the next.

I use this time to inventory other areas of my life and create ideas, not resolutions.  Resolutions are easily broken, ideas remain fluid and in motion, adapting as the year moves forward.  The winter landscape is barren as there are not yet signs of budding flowers or green grass, but inspiration and growth can be found in winter’s silence without all of the distractions.  It’s a good time to grow your ideas.  Ask yourself:  What do I want to say?  What impact do I want to have?  Who am I trying to reach?

Let’s begin with a fresh start.  Two thousand seventeen will be a year like no other.   I promise.