Nothing tells a story like a piece of estate jewelry.  It’s a statement about the woman who wore it before.  Estate jewelry is all about design and the innovation of the work masters and artists who created it.  It  transcends time allowing a new wearer to bring it life again, a life it couldn’t possibly have imagined at the time it was created.

I recently viewed the Jean Schlumberger exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Schlumberger transformed nature into jewelry using diamonds, gemstones and precious metals in a creative storm of whimsy.  These works of art are what jewelry best represents, life and adornment.  This Schlumberger collection at the VMFA, was donated by Rachel Lambert Mellon, “Bunny” after her death at the age of 103 in 2014.  What is profound about such a collection is that while it is an exquisite jewelry exhibit it is also a story about Bunny Mellon’s life.  From the pieces Schlumberger designed for her to wear to one of the many objects created and displayed in her home, this is a story about a woman and her love affair with design.  Go see it.  It’s fascinating and beautiful.

In that light, our Estate Jewelry Event is happening  Friday, March 10th – Saturday, March 18th.  We will celebrate life, jewelry and adornment.  You will have the opportunity to try on and purchase beautiful heirlooms from this grand jewelry collection.