Hauser’s BE HAPPY


I am thrilled to announce our first line of jewelry by Hauser’s.

Life has taught me that sometimes, patience and timing is everything.  So much has led up to this moment. . .  being raised in the jewelry business, art school , twenty plus years working  in the store, life experience, children and family.

All of this gave me the push I needed to design our first collection of gold & diamond jewelry but it was my daughter that inspired me.  It was her hands that created a paper necklace of smiley faces for me to wear.  It was the insight of my husband, Brad showing me that her creation should be the impetus for our collection.  So I ran with it.  I knew the design needed to be simple and classic to mirror the simplicity of her joy.  Wearing jewelry makes you happy.  You will experience the happiness each time you wear a piece from the collection.  Stop by soon!