Inspiration is our Fifth Season

The holidays are over.  All the clang and clatter is quieted by winter’s nap.  Snow is in the forecast.  It’s cold out and winter has everything in a standstill, but I love this time of year. At our store, it’s

Thinking Outside of the Store

Recently we dined with friends at David Everett’s annual farm-to-table dinner in Colonial Williamsburg.  Having not experienced a dinner like this before, made it unpredictable and fun.  Everything was delicious, wine flowed, family-style plates were passed and passed, weather cooperated

Fall is my muse.

Fall will be here.  I promise. Again the school buses are rolling through our neighborhood and the kids are back on a schedule. During the summer, any fashion sense I might have had went on vacation and it’s time to

All Things Bright and Beautiful

To know my mother-in-law is to be loved.  She is a flowery blend of generosity and kindness mixed with a flair for the dramatic as she never misses an opportunity to act out moments of song and laughter from her

Seven Years Good Luck

For seven years my family and I have returned to my husband’s family camp in the Adirondacks. Each year, there is a newness; and yet camp always remains true to itself with its timber coffee-stained walls surrounded by tall sap-weeping

An Artist’s Point of View

For those of you that don’t know me, Amy, I am an artist. During my university days I spent the majority of my time in the art studio. (Another post about my college days to come). I was a Fine

The Architect of your own Style

Design. Style. Words with different meanings yet accompany one another regularly. To me, jewelry is something that incorporates both style and design. The design or the architecture is magnified by the use of stones, metals and hand-work of each piece.

Summer of Travel

When I hear the word summer, I am transported to a place where my worries are light and my skin is warm. I’m submerged into memories of island vacations that were carefree and never quite long enough. The vision of