Holiday 2017

Hot off the press! Our 2017 Holiday Catalogs have arrived.  They were truly a labor of love and I can’t wait for you to see them.  We have so many new additions here at Hauser’s to go along with our

Hauser’s BE HAPPY

We present HAUSER’S BE HAPPY! I am thrilled to announce our first line of jewelry by Hauser’s. Life has taught me that sometimes, patience and timing is everything.  So much has led up to this moment. . .  being raised

Hauser’s Oktoberfest

We’ve been here for 119 years and this is our first Oktoberfest? It’s time to party! Let’s start at the beginning. . . Oktoberfest began in Munich, Germany in 1810 as a celebration for the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig, later

Where has the Summer Gone?

We’ve come up for air and we’re in August!  I’m not sure what happened to June or July, but I do know we’ve been busy.  Here is a recap. It was off to Vegas for the jewelry shows for me

To Our Mothers

To our mothers. . .   You’ve loved us, unconditionally. You’ve wiped away our tears. You’ve nursed us back to health. You’ve been our  biggest fan. You’ve come to our games and cheered  the loudest. You’ve warned us of danger,

Extreme Makeover : Hauser’s Edition

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. -Winston Churchill   So we ever-strive for perfection.   You may notice a change at Hauser’s.  Not a change in people, values or quality, but a change to become


Nothing tells a story like a piece of estate jewelry.  It’s a statement about the woman who wore it before.  Estate jewelry is all about design and the innovation of the work masters and artists who created it.  It  transcends

What’s Cookin’?

At Hauser’s we love a delicious dish.  When we discover something scrumptious, whether we find it on websites, blogs or simply create our own, we post it so we’ll all eat like kings.  Visit IN THE KITCHEN for some of

Inspiration is our Fifth Season

The holidays are over.  All the clang and clatter is quieted by winter’s nap.  Snow is in the forecast.  It’s cold out and winter has everything in a standstill, but I love this time of year. At our store, it’s

Thinking Outside of the Store

Recently we dined with friends at David Everett’s annual farm-to-table dinner in Colonial Williamsburg.  Having not experienced a dinner like this before, made it unpredictable and fun.  Everything was delicious, wine flowed, family-style plates were passed and passed, weather cooperated