Buying Your Diamond

The Starting Pointhenridaussiring

Buying a diamond may be a new experience for many,
but it does not have to be overwhelming. A good start
is to learn about the four “C’s” of diamond quality (cut,
color, clarity, carat weight) by clicking through the
following pages.

The American Gem Society is also an excellent place to
start with its “Diamond Buying 101” guide guide. Hauser’s is proud
to have maintained an AGS membership for over 31 years. The Conversation
For more information about the AGS, please click here.

The conversation

Once you become familiar with the four “C’s”, you are ready to begin your search. Remember, buying the ideal diamond means finding the diamond that is ideal for you.

We are here to answer your questions and guide you through your search. Contact us to begin the conversation.



The Perfect Setting


You’ve selected the diamond and you’re ready to put it
into a setting. Hauser’s has a myriad of options in platinum
or the gold of your choice.

You may want a simple four prong setting or an intricate
design of micro-pave diamonds. Whatever your wishes,
we are able to fulfill them here. The Proposal

The Proposal

Now it’s up to you!!!

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