An Artist’s Point of View

For those of you that don’t know me, Amy, I am an artist. During my university days I spent the majority of my time in the art studio. (Another post about my college days to come). I was a Fine Arts major; so it is fitting that I now own a jewelry store. Before bringing a new designer or line into the store I always research the design, craftsmanship and aesthetic of the collection.

This year, in an attempt to be surrounded by more beauty we (Hauser’s Jewelers) entered into an art collaboration with the Linda Matney Gallery/ John Lee Matney Art Consulting. Currently Lee Matney is working to curate a corporate exhibition at Hauser’s. Already this year we have had several installations of unique statement pieces. Currently, we are featuring a piece by Martha Jones.

The title of this grand piece is “The Development of the Beta”.  Jones described the creative process as long period of experimentation. She worked with the transformation of B’s into M’s. There is a fair amount of color on the canvas allowing for one to experience the variety and diversity while viewing from afar. And appreciate the detailed paint work when viewing close up. Jones has been represented by the Linda Matney Gallery since 2012. In addition to paintings, her sculptures have assisted in the gallery voicing her work and use of color as “some of the most innovative we have seen”. If you are mesmerized by Jones’ work as much as we are, you can learn more about her by contacting the Linda Matney Gallery.