All Things Bright and Beautiful

To know my mother-in-law is to be loved.  She is a flowery blend of generosity and kindness mixed with a flair for theFaire dramatic as she never misses an opportunity to act out moments of song and laughter from her past.  While visiting her this summer,  she begins to place, in front of me, a collection of dresses she and her friends would wear on evening boat rides at her summer camp, up in the Adirondacks.   She recalled how she would purchase dresses here and there throughout the year just for those sunny summer days on the lake with her friends.  The women would don themselves with brightly colored polyester prints of flowers, geometrics and even apples.  Completing the look with hats and accessories, they would head out for social hour.

Clothing and especially jewelry can be as strong a memory as photographs themselves.  dress 1Each will remind you of a day in your life, whether it be your prom dress or the pearl earrings you wore at college graduation. You will remember the night you received your diamond studs or how you felt wearing your mother’s pearls on your wedding day.  Just as my mother-in-law did all those years ago, wrap yourself in something beautiful and bright.  Even diamonds will sparkle in polyester.