1898 Engagement Ring



The Story

Hauser’s Jewelers is proud to present our exclusive ‘1898’ Diamond Engagement Ring. Entirely the product of the Hauser’s design team, the 1898 was created as a product of our time, commemorating our 110th year in the jewelry business. It is a perfect mix of modern concerns for sustainability and diamond sourcing, with the timeless tradition of the engagement ring. We present the Hauser’s 1898 Ring to you as the ultimate engagement ring, the ultimate symbol of everlasting love and commitment.



  • The ring is made entirely out of recycled gold stock. The gold is sourced from a refinery that accepts gold turned in from older jewelry and refines it into usable new gold.
  • The diamond was carefully selected and comes to us from Canada, a country that is continously moving toward environmentally sound mining practices.
  • The ‘life’ of the center diamond is documented from the date of mining in Canada to it’s final polishing.
  • The center diamond has been graded ‘Ideal’ by the American Gem Society and is accompanied by a Diamond Quality Document using the most rigid grading standards in the industry.
  • The ring features timeless, classic styling and the ability to closely fit a variety of wedding bands.